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How to Make Organic Chemistry Flashcards?

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The process to make organic chemistry flashcards is little bit technical but simple to implement.

 Regardless of your understanding of the principles, concepts, and theories, there still are simply a lot of reaction facts.

 One approach to memorization that many people find effective is the use of flashcards.

 Let me show you how I recommend you make flashcards.

 I recommend that you make your own way because I think a lot of learning happens when you make the cards.

 I will show you how I recommend making flashcards.

Let us look at a reaction for an example.

Organic Chemistry Flashcards images

This is simply a fact that you must memorize the reactant & products including reaction conditions & reagents.

You are likely to see this kind of question on exams either it is asked on a class exam or in the MCAT.

 You are likely to see people test you about these facts.

They will either give you the benzene and the reaction conditions or ask you to identify the product.

flash cards nitration

 Alternatively, they give you the starting material and the product and ask you to identify the reaction conditions and reagents.

nitration benzene 02
  • Either way is flat-out memorization to make flashcards. For this, you have to make two sets of flashcards to test your memory of what product results you might make a flashcard.
  • To test yourself about products and to touch yourself about reagents and conditions.
  • You make these cards just a little differently.
  • You can use a single set of cards to test both kinds of reaction facts.
nitration missing

OR this way,

nitration missing 03

Hope you have learnt some useful information regarding memorizing organic chemistry concepts through making flashcards.

Comment below if you like to know more about organic chemistry & other chemistry topics.

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