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Why is Chemistry called The Central Science?

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Students & professionals from other sciences quite often ask the question, why is chemistry called the Central Science.

Is it physics with the fundamental laws small blocks of built atoms added mass that allows the calculations to take place and prediction of the final product


Is it chemistry that enables thought process atoms to exist and reactions to occur to understand science as a whole?

 One must understand that one subject cannot exist without the support of another.

Chemistry with Biology

We care about our bodies and what we eat and how we function, and this is all because of chemistry.

Our body enables us to do it, and it is not because it has a will of its own, but because chemistry happens there.

 Your body, for example, your ears receive a stimulus in the form of the sound wave, which is transferred, directly to your brain, which translates the wave to sound through ion transfer.

 The reason you can potentially click on anything on the screen of the computer and because a brain sends an impulse to your muscle which allows this an impulse is nothing else than a simple positive charge ion which travels between nodes in your body and triggers a reaction.

 Our body is built of many cells, which are considered small living organism’s basic cell anatomy is simple; it contains several micro organelles inside. One of them is exceptionally important; it is the mitochondrion, which is the power supply of the basic cell.

 It produces ATP, which is their adenosine triphosphate, and this is our basic energy unit a bit like a watt in our home. Production of ATP is done by conversion of glucose into energy by aerobic respiration catalyzed by an enzyme.

 It enables oxidation and reduction mechanisms and electron transfer between molecules in our body.

These are just simple examples where chemistry is involved.

I want to talk about is the possibility of our living due to oxygen in the atmospheric oxygen in the diatomic form.

It is allowing us to breathe via our lungs. Air enters lungs and as oxygen touches, the surface of a lung it is transferred across to iron-containing molecule hemoglobin which forms a metal leg in coordination. The oxy group travels around the human body and resets oxygen in inappropriate places like your brain or muscles.

Chemistry with Physics

 Physics is somewhat hard a topic to discuss because it actually talks about the things considerably smaller than those electrons and protons we chemists to talk about.

 Therefore, it is actually building atoms before we can talk about it. Nevertheless, chemistry is involved in many experiments, for example in detecting microwave radiation from the coast moves via telescopes yes it is based on physics as well. Still, it was primarily used for chemical analysis and then applied to physical applications.

 It is a hard argument to win whether one or the other is the central science.

Chemistry with Geology

In geology, the understanding of rocks has given us answers to many questions relating to the beginnings of life and how it progressed over the past 5 million years.

 We had to use advanced chemical techniques like carbon dating to detect the contents of extraterrestrial rock.

 For example, we must use methods like mass spectrometry, which tell us exactly what are the contents of the rock.

Chemistry with Medicine and Biology

Medicine and biochemistry were advances in chemistry. Due to advancement in these two areas, the quality of life has been improving over time, and we lived far along within our ancestor state a few hundred years ago.

 It is not due to luck or better genetic materials we have, but because chemical advances in disease kill and better drugs have been created.

 Discoveries of new drugs happen every year in various places on the planet, and they enable us to live longer or even help us through the deadly diseases.

 a few decades ago we didn’t know anything about HIV and AIDS and then it came with scary science that we couldn’t cure it and whoever had it would die at a young age. Chemistry and heavy research in the fields enabled the production of new drugs, which help fight the disease and perhaps not completely remove it from the body but hinder its development.

 There is the expectancy of HIV patient was once very short, with deaths coming at the 30s and 40s now. However, life can nearly double to 60s and 70s, and it is because of those are too viral drugs.

 Cancer was also at the forefront of research and drug companies, and there have been breaks with using CISPLATIN complexes, which can cure many types of cancer.

 There are more drugs on the market now and more developed.

Chemistry is also essential for environmental science, energy industry, forensic and analytical departments.

Conclusion: Chemistry the Central Science

 Without chemistry, we would not be able to enjoy the life we have right now.

 I hope some of you will appreciate that chemistry is important in every aspect of our lives. In fact, there are many things that we would not be able to have if chemists were not involved in the development of those new materials, for example, for buildings or new semiconductors for supercomputers or new drugs for cancer-fighting or even new fuels for energy.

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