What is melting point? Definition

What is melting point

The most comprehensive Melting point Definition is,

The temperature at which liquid & solid form of a substance co-exits in equilibrium under given pressure, is called Melting point.

Normally standard pressure is taken as 1 atmosphere.

In other way, we can also define melting point as,

The temperature at which solid phase of a substance change into liquid phase under given pressure, is called Melting point.

In general,

Melting Definition:

The process of liquefaction of a substance at particular temperature under specific pressure, is Melting definition.

Melting points Examples:

Name                  Melting Point in OC

Carbon                                 3550

Carbon Dioxide                 -78

Copper                                 1085

Gold                                      1064

Mercury                               -38.8

Oxygen                                -218.8

Silver                                     961.8

Water                                   0

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